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The Designated Player - Good or Bad for the MLS?

We're talking Lampard, Pirlo, Drogba, Kaka, Dos Santos and more... Are designated players a good thing for the MLS or are they undermining home-grown talent?

The designated player is a concept where by the MLS franchises are allowed to surpass the wage cap placed by the league for talent from abroad. David Beckham was the first player to be signed under the ruling in 2007.

This year alone a range of designated players have been signed including Steven Gerrard,  Frank Lampard, Giovani Dos Santos and Giovinco all of which many believe have added to the quality of the league as a whole.

However, some argue that this is forcing home-grown club talent out of the lime-light with designated players gaining their place immediately. Although again it can be argued that the designated players are (usually) more experienced and are therefore are able to help development in player growth both on and off the pitch.

Coaches have certainly taken their chance with designated players as every MLS franchise has at least one designated player. Fans are divided on the issue, with some ecstatic they have a big star player in the squad and others wanting to see more of the home-grown club talent.

What are your views on the designated player, are they enhancing or harming the MLS? Tweet us your views @diamondsoccerus.

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