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New York Derby Match Review

A review of the highly anticipated New York Derby MLS Match. In this new born rivalry, who will walk away as the winners?

New York Red Bulls vs. the newly formed New York City FC.

The highly anticipated New York Derby – and possibly one of the biggest soccer matches of the MLS season – has finally come and gone.

This new born rivalry between the two New York teams - set to be a midfield battle - began swimmingly for the Red Bulls as Bradley Wright-Phillips scored their first goal in just 4 minutes.

It wasn't a great start for New York City as they failed to impose themselves on to the opposing team physically, and use the space to their advantage. But despite this, a burst ball and a failed free kick for the team, they eventually brought a fight to the game.

The Red Bulls figured this out and returned the fight back, but a bit too much as Miazga got a red card on the 36th minute for a “clumsy push” on Shelton.

At half time it was clear that, theoretically, all the Red Bulls needed to do was defend their goal well to win. Yet, at 52 minutes, Wright-Phillips does it again and scored their second goal of the game with just a simple tap of the ball.

With heavy hearts, NYCFC powered through, scoring their first goal of the game – thanks to Mullins – at 77 minutes, only 8 minutes after he went on in the place of David Villa (New York City FC's big name signing).

After a very intense finish to the game and lot's of close calls, the one goal from NYCFC just wasn't enough and New York Red Bulls walked away as winners.

New York Red Bulls (2-1) New York City FC

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